A Beginner Guide to Learn About AOL Email Server Settings

AOL%2BEmail%2BServer%2BSettings A Beginner Guide to Learn About AOL Email Server Settings

AOL Email Settings & Verizon Email settings for AOL with IMAP & POP 

Must Read About AOL Email Server Settings

As Most of the Persons Already Well knows that AOL email is a web-optimized best email service, provided by AOL a Department of Verizon communications, the AOL email platform is sometimes named to as AOL Instant Messenger, and Verizon had acquired this AOL Email in 2015.  Due to their inhouse services , they had stop all customers who were migrated to AOL mail function this mail account via third-party clients consisting of outlook and thunderbird or the Gmail account.They Don’t have any own hosted server now.

Everyone Can Easily download the Email copy of the AOL Inbox section. Please send and receive emails, if you prefer a different interface. Two Protocol prefer as to configure AOL email you can choose that anytime on your device where you need to configure those servers are POP and IMAP.

Go through below the AOL email settings for your inspection.

  • Server Address is: smtp.aol.com
  • The user name is your AOL mail screen name
  • Password is your AOL Mail Password
  • Port number is 587 (TLS)
  • Port number is 465 (SSL)
  • Authentication is an essential part of the AOL mail setup.
  • The AOL mail sending limit is 500 emails to about 100 connections a day.

If you login the AOL account through the aol.com mail app. Then you don’t need or require to make changes in AOL email settings. You may be prompted to select either IMAP or POP3. At any point in time if you change the configuration. Always make sure that you have to save a backup of your AOL mail.

Please note Outlook.com enables AOL mail customers to access the AOL mail account from outlook.com. Outlook.com acts like a third party client. Let’s see the steps to access AOL mail from outlook.com.

  • Open the Internet browser and access into your AOL mail account.
  • Select options
  • Select account information
  • In the left pane select the account security.
  • Turn on the allow apps that use less secure sign in the toggle switch
  • If prompted login into AOL mail.
  • In the captcha select, I’m not a robot then select continue.
  • Open a new browser window in outlook.com and now log in.
  •  Select the gear icon of the settings option.
  • Select view all outlook settings
  • In the settings window, select a mail
  • Select sync email
  • In the connected accounts section select other accounts.
  • In the connect your account dialog box click on connected accounts.
  • In the connect your account section enter your AOL email address and AOL password.
  • Choose where you want your AOL to be imported too.
  • AOL email can be imported to a new folder or an existing folder.
  • When you have finished the process select ok.
  • Select save and close the settings dialog box.

Please note if these steps are successful you will receive a message that your AOL mail account is connected to the outlook mail.

Your AOL emails appear in to manage your account section, you will see the email update or the email update status in the last update section. If you need to edit any of the details of your last email account. Select the pencil icon to open the details of a page. Please make an attempt to update the page. Please update the information such as your AOL account password.

Your AOL email addresses appear in the outlook window pane, in the folder pane and inbox folders. Select the AOL folder to display the messages in the AOL inbox. If outlook.com is still importing your AOL mail messages not all messages will appear.

Email Settings for AOL to Send mails via Outlook:

You can use the AOL email identity to send a mail via outlook for this process to begin please follow the below steps to understand how this function works.

  • Select a new message
  • Please select 3 horizontal dots, and select show form.
  • Select form and other email addresses.
  • Enter your AOL mail account
  • Compose a message.

Setup AOL email account as an outgoing email account:

Outlook.com can be set up and the AOL email account can be synced in the email account. The messages you send will come from your AOL email account. To change your default email address to AOL account.

  • Select settings
  • Select view all outlook settings
  • Select mail and now select sync mail
  • Select default from an email address, drop-down arrow and choose your AOL mail account.
  • Select save and close the dialog box
  • Email replies you send from your AOL mail identity using the Outlook mail.
  • All email messages from the AOL account will appear in outlook mail once they have been imported.

Causes for AOL mail app not working:

There is absolutely no doubt that the AOL mail service offers fabulous email service, it also works smoothly on any device. But due to a few causes, the AOL mail account is not working. Or it has stopped working. AOL mail account won’t open in Firefox or the particular browser. AOL server is down. The email address of AOL is invalid and this gives an error.

Password incorrect error. AOL mail won’t load. AOL has a disabled account. Unable to connect the AOL email with gmail.com. SMTP, IMAP, and POP settings not working. AOL mail is slow, email suddenly is not arriving in AOL mail.

AOL mail won’t open in an old browser, this error occurs when the user is using an outdated version of the browser you can update the browser to resolve this issue in a streamlined way.  This will resolve the AOL mail not working issue.

AOL server is down, please confirm whether the internet connection is working properly or not, In case there is an issue with the internet connection, then the AOL email account will not work properly. If the AOL server is down it could be an issue related to the backend team. For resolving this the user can reach out to the experts from the service team through email or toll-free Helpline. 

Invalid email address is a common error, when you are entering an incorrect email address you cannot login to the AOL account. Please ensure your mail id is accurate. This will assist you to resolve the error of invalid email address accurately.

The password is an incorrect error, Password is necessary to access of the email. So please confirm your password before you access the email account. Please ensure the special characters and case sensitive error that arises. Once the password is accurate this will eradicate the password incorrect error. This will resolve the AOL mail not working error for AOL email address.

AOL mail won’t load, if the AOL mail won’t load then you can understand that the mail is not loading because the internet connection is faulty.

AOL does not work well will the Gmail this means you need to check whether the mail account is configured properly you can go to the settings and configure the email accounts properly.

These are basic guidelines for the AOL account being configured and AOL mail not working you can reach out for further assistance contact with professionals.

  • Go to the mail application on the Android device.
  • Add a new email account.
  •  Choose Imap settings.
  • Please enter full AOL email address and password,
  • Enter the incoming server information and outgoing server information.
  •  The incoming port is 993, outgoing port setup is 587.
  •  Both these settings are essential for setting up the AOL account in the Android device.

AOL does not respond to IMAP server:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the AOL mail account.
  • At times due to heavy-duty traffic of outgoing and incoming emails the AOL account does not respond to the mail server.
  • This means the mail account is dysfunctional.
  • The best solution for this problem is to uninstall and reinstall the account settings.
  • Force and quit the mail app Sometimes the problem is related to the glitch of the mail account application itself.
  •  Check your internet connection do you have strong enough cellular wifi signal.
  • Remove and re-add the troublesome account.
  • Manually configure server ports and authentication options.
  • IMAP setting is 993 and 465 for SSL.
  • If you access the AOL mail from the AOL.com server you don’t need to make changes to the AOL.com settings or your mail settings in other words by if you access the AOL mail account from the email client settings, then you will have to set your settings accordingly.
  • If the user happens to change the mail configuration the user is supposed to take a mail backup to protect his emails from getting lost in the transition.
  • If the AOL IMAP server is not responding, first of all, make sure you have entered the server details correctly.
  • Please check the email id and credentials of the email account once again.
  • Maybe the user is not entering the correct email id and password.
  • This is one of the key reasons why IMAP is not able to respond properly to the AOL mail account.
  • This will be an error for the IMAP server.
  • Reboot your phone or the desktop and open the AOL mail account once again.
  • If you are still getting the AOL mail account not responding error you need to delete the AOL account and now re-add it again.
  • People generally struggle with three kinds of issues, one is the application issue, second is the account issue. Server issue. All three issues need to be taken care of if you want the AOL mail account responds to the IMAP issue.
  • The best way to deal with the server issue is please update your email application, you need to visit the email application in the application store click on update this will update the existing email application, nonupdation of the email account can cause the AOL not responding error.

How To Access AOL Mail using IMAP & POP Setings

SMTP server setting for AOL

This is an outgoing mail server setting for AOL mail this is called SMTP server setting. Smtp.aol.com, enter your AOL mail screen name in the SMTP username field. Your AOL screen name is that part of the mail that comes before the AOL.com. Enter your AOL mail password. Set the SMTP server to 587.

  • Open the DOS prompt icon for windows, by selecting a start icon and in the provided search box type.
  • Locate the name of your SMTP address, in response which reflects immediately after the word pinging, please write this down for future reference.
  • Open the Microsoft outlook express
  • Go to tools and accounts
  • Click the mail tab to open the list of accounts.
  • Double click the account that has a problem.
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Change the outgoing mail of SMTP from 25 to ###
  • Click ok and close
  • Now you will be able to send mails.

The SMTP for AOL mail is 587 and full user name and email address. The IMAP server for AOL is 993. Please note these server settings are essential to configure the AOL email account.

AOL mail not  unable to send emails:

  • If your contacts are getting emails, you did not send, your sent folder is full of messages, you did not send.
  • You are missing folders, it could be a sign that your account has been hacked.
  • If these issues are clearly noticed you may not be able to send or receive emails.
  • If you are having a problem to sending an AOL email, there are certain troubleshooting steps to fix the existing problem.
  • Some of the key steps which will resolve your AOL sending mail issue.
  • Please restart your laptop or desktop, this will clear the internal memory of the computer.
  • If you are using an outdated browser, such as internet explorer, you may need to access your AOL mail, from a different browser
  • Clear your browser cache files, to reset the browser back to its clear state, doing this you will be able to wipe out all the little unwanted bits, of information stored in your browser.
  • Please disable the pop blocking software, add your AOL to whitelist, Most browsers will allow a temporary bypass, by holding the shift key and clicking on the site links always.
  • Ensure your firewall settings are disabled because this prevents the user to access the desktop or the AOL email online.

Final Words: If you are not seeking AOL email settings for Verizon you comment below here however other AOL email server settings with the help for IMAP & POP are useful and check how to set up AOL email using both servers on your devices.

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