How to Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings?

How to Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings?

Aol users often faces error while configuring their email on third party mail applications and devices. Therefore in this writeup we are going to discuss the AOL email settings using IMAP and POP & SMTP protocol. These settings can help in settings up your Aol email account on all sorts of third party email applications and devices.

Aol POP & IMAP Email Settings are given as below:-

Given below are the Aol POP Settings and Aol IMAP settings which the user needs to use for their Aol email setup on email applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. One needs to ensure that these settings are entered correctly as failing to do so can prevent the email from being setup successfully. 

AOL IMAP Email Server Settings:-

aol imap server settings
  • The image above clearly states the incoming and outgoing server settings for IMAP protocol. Enter them as shown above. 
  • Ensure that in place of ‘username’ you are entering your complete email address. 
  • Enter your email password in the password field and check on remember password box. 
  • Goto ‘more settings’ option and click on ‘advanced tab’.
  • Now from there ensure that the SSL encryption has been enabled for both incoming and outgoing mail services. 
  • Now enter the incoming port as 995 and outgoing server port as 465.
  • Lastly click on ‘OK’ to save settings and thereafter click on ‘Next’ to complete the setup process. 

AOL POP Email Server Settings



Server Settings

Port Settings


Incoming mail server (POP3):

 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):




Incoming mail server (IMAP):

 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):




aol pop settings

When you try to connect your AOL Mail account via POP from another email program, enter the below mentioned AOL POP Settings- 

  • AOL Mail POP3 server address:
  • AOL Mail POP username: Your AOL Mail screen name (for example, if your address is, your screen name is “me”)
  • AOL Mail POP password: Your AOL Mail password
  • AOL Mail POP port: 995
  • AOL Mail POP TLS/SSL required: yes

AOL IMAP Settings Server Configuration

aol imap server settings

AOL Mail IMAP server
AOL Mail IMAP usernameYour full AOL Mail email address. For AOL email, this is your AOL screen name plus, for example,
AOL Mail IMAP passwordYour AOL Mail password
AOL Mail IMAP port993
AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL requiredYes

AOL SMTP Settings

To respond to or send new email from your AOL Mail account, enter these SMTP settings in the fields provided during the account setup-

SMTP Outgoing Server
SMTP port465
SMTP securityTLS/SSL
SMTP usernameYour full AOL Mail email address, such as (or,, or
SMTP passwordYour AOL Maipassword that you use to log in to AOL Mail

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Instructions For AOL Mail Settings

You can use either of the settings mentioned above to configure your email. However the port number always remains same for incoming and outgoing server irrespective of the type of protocol chosen. 

Before starting the email setup process always check if your password is working or not by login on Aol webmail from your browser ( Incase if your are unable to log in your Aol email,  reset your password. Once your password is in working condition, you can go ahead and begin the process of account setup on mail application.  


By following the Aol email server settings mentioned in this article you can configure Aol email account on Mac, Phone, Tablet or iPad by using the explained methods of configuring Aol IMAP server settings and Aol POP server settings. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us on the number provided on screen. Alternatively you can contact Aol’s official helpline from their official website.

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