How to Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings?
How To Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings

How to Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings?

We are surrounded by social media and there are many social media platforms that are growing today and people are always looking for new technology and the new accounts that there are different from each other that is the unique qualities of each social media apps and every day there are many apps are coming day by day In this Article, we are going to discuss the AOL email settings that is the most popular among these days and these are the best email service provider in the USA and the services are provided to the users are of the best quality. These services are 24/7 provides to the users. We will guide the users on about AOL mail settings, AOL mail POP IMAP settings,  how to Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app.


Beginners can easily make the account on the AOL mail because it is very different from the others. We will guide the users to make the mail settings for AOL Mail Login in the few steps that are very easy for the users.

AOL POP & IMAP Email Settings are Given Below:-

IMAP is somehow rapidly helped the user for the sync the application and make the account to keep the information in both the places very identical and that means that if the user does the messages and see the folders in the account at Given down below there are POP and IMAP server settings that the user needs to use for the AOL emails and links that will are very common for the email app setup instructions and if the user needs the specific help for the configuring the application then the user can call on the Customer support number that will guide the user in a very good manner.

aol-email How to Access AOL Mail Using IMAP & POP Settings?

There are many email software and the applications have the account settings that   where the user will need the update for the IMAP and the POP3 settings and after the entering the account info the user should make sure that  the user is using the full email address that includes the info after that use that @symbol and that the SSL encryption has enabled the incoming mail services and outgoing mail services.



Server Settings

Port Settings


Incoming mail server (POP3):

 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):




Incoming mail server (IMAP):

 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):




The user can use the third party email services to download the copy of the AOL mail services and the user can easily send and receive the emails services that the user would prefer the different interface and there are different protocols for the user and the user can choose when the user is setting up for the third party mail POP and IMAP.  The POP will download the copy of the email from your account to the application and that means that if you have deleted the email from the account and after that it has been downloaded the downloaded copy of that file will remain in the application and in addition POP will only download the emails from the inbox folder that is not personalized folder and if the user wants to download all the emails then user would have to add the mail from the existing folders to that inbox folder.

AOL has a desktop version named desktop gold, Read About AOL Desktop Gold Here…

Instructions For AOL Mail Settings

There may be the settings that are different for the different locations in each email and although the AOL server and port settings always are the same for that. For the additional questions, the user should be specific to the email client and the user should check the manufacturer’s website and If the manufacturer cannot answer the questions about the AOL email settings then the enter your AOL username and the password.

Conclusion:- In this article, we guide about the what is AOL and what are its features and the AOL mail settings and AOL there are many problems that the user have to face while using the AOL mail services and there are many problems for the user for how to Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app these all issue are solved in this article and if the  user has any problem regarding these than the user can call on the customer care number of the AOL.



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