Complete Instruction About How to Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold Software

Download%2Band%2BInstall%2BAOL%2BDesktop%2BGold Complete Instruction About How to Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold Software

Everyone Must Know the Steps to Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold Software

AOL desktop gold is easy to use anywhere any time with an internet connection, all in one desktop nowadays all are using mail, search, browsing, content and etc… We are providing premium security features helps you to keep secure your AOL account from being compromised and hacked. Important and recommended automatically updates option that saves you time and space on your computer do not take more time to updates automatically replacing old version as new ones because of this option its better protection from security threats. We can provide 30days free trial version, once you can download AOL desktop and sign up to trial version.

How To Download & Install AOL Desktop Gold in Windows & Mac?

The common observable fact in the consumer world always moving towards new and advanced based technology services and product whether it is a software or hardware. The AOL desktop gold is new version is launched with enhanced feature and services by AOL, this product is good to compare to other desktops. You can follow the below steps to download AOL desktop gold software and its installation, Have any problem in the installation of AOL Desktop you can take help from customer care team 1877-200-8067 aol desktop gold technical support number ( Toll Free ) 24 X 7 available to help you out from issue.

1. System requirement to download AOL desktop gold

  • OS: windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  • Processor: computer processor of 266 MHZ and above.

  • Device memory: 1GB RAM and 512 MB hard disk space

  • Internet: internet connection is required to download

  • Screen resolution: 1024X768 or higher screen resolution

2. Download AOL desktop gold software using link, already you have a membership click on the download button for AOL desktop gold members or else click on the free trial version.

3. In case of any trouble during download call on 1-877-200-8067, once AOL desktop gold download then follow the screen instruction to complete the process.

4. When prompted you will be entering the AOL credentials i.e. Login id & Password.

5. In the all products section, tap the AOL Desktop Gold.

6. Follow the installation instruction step, click on “install AOL desktop Gold”

How to Update AOL Desktop Gold Software to its Latest Version?

The all desktop gold is user-friendly because really easy to use after it can be updated automatically new version to your desktops, the user will require less amount of space for the updates in your system, as to replace old version to the new one. The moment will be transferred to the new software version, the user will provide this information such as user name, tool bar icons, contacts, password, and mail ID will be automatically shifted from AOL desktop gold the new version.

Have any problem in updates call to the customer care or else reinstall the software, solution to solve the update problem in AOL Desktop Gold below following steps.

1. Go to the search base of the computer by clicking on the start menu, type update and choose the desktop window update option then will be certain to you.

2. Next step go to the change setting and select the heading in important updates then select the option of install update automatically and put a dash in front of them.

3. Select the feature option, and then ask for updates by giving a check mark in front of it.

4. Once complete the process, save the changes in AOL desktop gold.

After you complete the process, the first you must check the desktop gold upgrade error, has been resolved the problem or not. Have any problem you do not wait or hesitate, find in touch with the technical team at customer care number to get instant solution. The aol desktop gold support phone number professionals will give you more solution to solve the problem and help you to deal with the problem until to solve.

Steps to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Slow Working Problem

The AOL desktop gold working slow problem can be encountered by many users and try troubleshooting solution to solve the problem. Some of the reasons are an outdated web browser, RAM, memory space and other software related issues can also be the reason to trouble.

  • Clear the browser history, cookies and cache which has been pile up and you also delete the bookmarks.
  • Install the latest windows version.
  • Disable the antivirus software and the firewall settings.
  • Also, update your device drive of the computer system.
  • Delete the temporary files and clean junk in your system
  • Reset the web browser settings

If still having aol desktop gold slow processing problem, we can move to advanced troubleshooting process follow the below steps to rectify this issue.

1. Restart your PC

The easiest solution is often the majority effective, which is the way when your AOL desktop gold is working slowly.  The simple restart of your PC will clear all the junk and minor technical issues, restarting your PC will automatically blush out the RAM, memory space and remove any temporary files or data that is slow down your system. When restarting your computer, it also resets your internet connection enables to access the AOL desktop gold to load faster.

2. Enable Startup Programs

The window enables startup programs as the name itself recommend to the program that opens automatically as quickly as you start your windows PC. The more apps or software you have in startup list it takes more time to a computer on. However, do not install more unwanted apps or software on the startup list and startup program will allow you to boost the time it helps to run smoothly. You can follow these steps for various window versions.

  • First, open task manager window and choose startup program
  • Second, select the entire nonessential program, click on disable and ok button. You can repeat the steps until the entire program to be disabled gets select.
  • Finally, close the manager window and restart your computer to apply the saves changes.

3. Check your Internet Network Connection

Your internet connection is slow then it is clear that AOL desktop gold then after also run slowly. you must check all the cables of network connection, including the router and modem, switch off and plug out your source and turn off your computer leave for 30 seconds to make sure connect the whole thing in place and your internet connection is stable. You should also try AOL desktop gold downloads that may be running in the background so that the computer is not slow.

4. Clear the Previous Used Footprints

Some other program keeps running on your desktops automatically, to clear the footprints in the new AOL desktops gold. Login the user id of AOL desktop gold using authenticated certificate, in the top left corner click on the settings icon in the top-down menu bar. Then, click on the security tab and newly open the window, choose the file and data that you need to clear from the system memory. Finally, tap on the “clear footprint” from the browser setting and no need to wait for any confirmation message from ALO desktop gold, the footprint will be cleared immediately.

5. Fix AOL Desktop Gold Slow Issue Using Command Prompt

To fix working slow your desktop you must use the command prompt, start windows in your computer from the open command prompt. To make sure you must open command with a right click of selecting a menu in “run as administrator”. Next window screen is opened, type the content”Netsh winsock reset” and enter. Finally, the actions complete on the command prompt and restart your computer.

6. Run Registry Cleaner App

Install the registry cleaner app in your computer then create a system restore points for your drive c, the open app find a checklist problematic entries option.  Search using registry key in the display list or find the exact entry that problem with various risk, on finding click to repair button.

How to Connect Online your AOL Desktop Gold

You do not have proper internet connection or else have any technical issues, this troubleshooting following step helps when your desktop not connecting in online.

1. Check hardware

Check your hard-wired connection and make sure your routers and computer are tight properly, replace after your not connecting in online whether the issues in relating software or hardware if you’re using WIFI connection check to enabled through a switch.

2.  Disable software and security program

The disable your computer protection suites, press “Win + R” on the keyboard and type the”gpedit.msc” and enter. Next window will be open, tap on the computer configuration and show the administrative templates then click on the windows components and turn off the windows defender antivirus. Finally, select the enable button and open control panel selects the system security and the turn off firewall option.

3. TCP/IP settings

Disable the adapter’s connection to your computer in container both WIFI and Ethernet are enabled and connected to your system. next, choose TCP and IP protocol version tap on the properties. The next dialog box, select on the radio button option and the last step is to click ok button to save the changes.

4. Fixes your network card

The AOL desktop gold does not connect to the internet; you can disable then enable your network card to see your issue. Click windows start button, in search field type device manager and search for the network adapter in the list of the option then right click on the network card and tap on uninstall. After restarting your system or computer because your software will reinstall the network card automatically.

5. Update your system drive

Before update window OS, it’s very important to confirm your hardware will stay friendly connected with the new version. That way you need to download the new version, for your grown-up device peripherals. Before you can update network card your computer and test your device for the new version then you want to install. Download network card drive on your computer or else you may ask our experts to get a solution.

6. Reinstall the software

Check your AOL desktop gold software as it may get infected by malware, so we can reinstall the software and run the computer scanner tool to confirm the occurrence of any distrustful element. Later uninstall the software program from your computer. Finally, download the software again from a reliable source and install properly.

Troubleshooting Guide : Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold

In recently most of the people were asking about solution of unable install AOL desktop software. The main inbox has gone from AOL folder within program or data and the program should not start. After some checks, you must completely uninstall and install AOL desktop gold software. The following mistake message kept back appear follow by a totally fair square that may well only be closed using Task Manager

The solution was very simple to uninstall the adobe flash player for ActiveX and this was improbable to cause of problem because the new version of internet explorer, the old version is very useful and  browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome, required browsing for accessing the software and after successfully installing the software. You will need to execute these following steps to install given below otherwise contact to aol desktop gold technical support number.

1. To install AOL desktop gold software, all you need to perform is to locate software downloaded file then after click on the download desktop file, top for software install icon.

2. Next step run on the approaching tab on your computer screen. Finally, tap on install now option and then you may be encouraged to import your email id by the side of uninstalling the previous old version of the aol desktop.

3. Click on ok button followed by yes option.

AOL Desktop Gold Installation process following email confirmation

Install after receiving the confirmation mail from the aol, software. First, go to your mail inbox and select on the confirmation mail, it can be connected with AOL desktop gold starting the process.

Next, click on the download link you can find out the software file then you can download the file, the installation process is started and follow the instruction.

If you are facing any trouble contact to usatechblog, they can suggest a alternative method to solve your problem quickly otherwise the aol desktop gold customer service number gives solution to solve the problem.

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