Learn About AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing How to Fix

AOL desktop gold icon missing

AOL Desktop gold icon missing to fix the error & add or put the AOL mail icon on Desktop?

Does your AOL gold icon go missing from your desktop or laptop? Didn’t you try to restore the how to put AOL email icon on desktop but still failed in it? Are you looking for the method to restore your AOL Desktop Gold icon?

So here are some steps on how to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon that is missing. Then don’t waste time and let us get started with the steps.


Read out the AOL Desktop Gold icon missing guide

If you will read the guide, then you will know the reason for AOL icon getting missed, in which some reasons are shown below –

  • The effects or meaning of the missing AOL Desktop gold icon shortcut from your PC.
  • Some steps need to be followed before checking the troubleshooting error of AOL gold icon issues
  • Some steps to check out where the Gold icon went missing.

With some of these major sections, the below article shows you the guide on the reasons that make your AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the PC or Laptop.


The actual meaning of the AOL Gold icon missing issue?

whenever you are not able to find out the AOL gold icon in the list of your icons, then it is missing or if the AOL icon is not seen then it is considered the problem of AOL Gold icon missing.

The following reasons might be there of these issues like –

  • You forgot to add the shortcut icon during the installing process.
  • It also might happen that your PC has an attack of malicious software which is the removing AOL icon from the desktop.
  • The features of Devices such as the maintenance of the system and the task planner are active which eliminates all the shortcuts from your PC home screen.
  • Your PC attacked with a corrupted icon. dbcache file which stores all the icons of home. Just remove this corrupt file which is not allowing the icons such as AOL Desktop gold icon display on the home screen.


How to discover the AOL Gold desktop icon that is missing?

Now if you know all about missing the AOL Desktop Gold icon, it is the time to fix the issues. So, do you wish to know where should you begin the solution for missing the AOL Desktop gold icon?

  • Scanning the device to eliminate any virus such as Trojan Horse, viruses, or worms as they can even remove the AOL gold icon.
  • To move all the AOL Desktop Gold icon shortcut to some folder for temporary by keeping them on the home screen can create the broken links.
  • If the software or programs shortcut works perfect, then –
    • Just right click on an empty area of the home of PC.
    • Select the view option from your menu.
  • Also, make sure the option of Show Desktop icon is chosen.
  • Refresh the desktop screen and try to find out the missing AOL gold icon.
  • Run the automatic system troubleshooter and ensure that there is no problem with the AOL Desktop Gold icon. The basic error of the AOLDesktop Gold icon missing from your PC stray!


AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the computer home screen? It is the best way to start to find out from the basics. There are some common errors and their solutions –

  • First find out by the first check that you have the latest version of the AOL gold software and if you have not downloaded the latest one, then update to the latest one.
  • Please check your windows update and ensure that the PC windows is updated one, if not then update it first
  • Check out the system tray of the computer or laptop if the AOL gold icon is missing then try to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  • Now ensure that if your PC system meets the need of the standards set.


Some steps to recover the missed or deleted AOL Gold icon


After trying all the above tips and tricks, now troubleshoot the missing issue of the AOL gold desktop icon.

  • First, go to the primary drive and then drag the AOL desktop Gold icon on the home screen. Make a note to leave the mouse on the desktop while dragging the AOL icon. Or else shortcut of the AOL Gold icon will get created in the unknown folder.
  • In such a case, you have the problem in creating the Gold icon on Desktop then just tap on the cone-like structure in the system tray, and find out the lost AOL Desktop Gold icon on the list.
  • If the Desktop Gold icon appears on the list of the system tray, then just right-click the icon for selecting the create shortcut option
  • Thus, if there is not AOL icon in the list of the system tray, the open AOL software. And keep the pointer on the AOL gold icon for selecting the option of ‘Keep it in Dock’.
  • For the missing AOL gold icon from Desktop, then open the registry window and clear the Icon.db cache file. Take note that before deleting the cache file, change the max cached icons to 10000 value or even more than that.


Still, having an absence of the AOL Gold icon from Desktop? There are some of the tech solutions for you!


If you are still not able to find out the missing AOL gold Desktop icon, then you need not have to worry. Simply go through following solutions and try it –


1 Make some changes in the windows settings


The common reason for the missing issue of AOL from the desktop is the changes in your setting of the desktop. In any case, you have by mistake made changes around your Windows setting, then here are few tips –

  • First, move to your Windows or Mac desktop jut by starting the computer or laptop. Then follow the below steps given for Windows PC.
  • Just right click on your Windows desktop screen and click on the view option from the sub-menu.
  • Now search and find out the option of ‘showing desktop icon’ from the options list. In any case, you find that option unchecked, please click to select it.
  • Now just refresh the system clicking the refresh button or you can press F5
  • Your missing AOLDesktop Gold icon might be now appearing on your desktop, if not then restart your system.

Make a note in such a case that ‘show desktop icon’ is already checked and the icon is still missing then you have to look for other solutions.


2 Virus and Malware attack might cause your Icon missing


The problem of AOL Desktop gold icon absent from the desktop and even from the list of system tray can popup when your system is attacked by some malicious software of viruses or Trojans.

In such cases, you have check out and eliminate the dangerous malicious software from your systems. Here are the steps.

  • Incase your system is not scanning the virus because you do not have the tool for it, then open the browser and download it.
  • After download and installed, just double click the icon and runt the anti-virus scanning.
  • Then remember to click on the entire system scanning before starting the procedure.
  • Once the scanning is done successfully, you will get the list of all the potential malware and effected programs.
  • Now select the potentially malicious software and right-click on them and delete it and you might also choose the auto-deletion option.
  • Now repeat the same steps for the malware issues and click the repair effected programs by scanning tool.
  • Once you have deleted all the threats to the system, then you will get a message on the screen with the status shown deleted.

Now restart your system and restore the AOL gold icon. If the icon does not reappear on the home screen then you can try out adding the shortcut on the desktop screen


Restore the missing AOL gold icon on the Windows desktop


The steps are shown below –

  • Open ‘my computer’ and go to the Local disk drive C, then go to programs and files, now search and find out the AOL desktop folder.
  • Once you entered the folder, search and find out the AOL icon and right-click on the icon. From the submenu, choose the option of creating the AOL Desktop Gold icon or simply just drag the icon from the Drive C folder to the Desktop
  • Refresh the screen and your icon will finally get appear.

If all these above solutions did not work, then try out the below method.


3 Restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon missing in dock option

If the problem of the missing icon is frequent, then you can just save the icon of AOL in the dock option to prevent it from the disappearance.

Just launch the desktop gold for doing this and navigate to next.

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