A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera
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A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

Amazon is one of the most loved and the largest internet company by revenue in the world. It started off as originally bookselling company which has now expanded to almost anything and everything. On this site, a customer may shop something as basic as stationery to big and expensive items as furniture or big home theatres. It has also many customer friendly services on offers such as cash on delivery, heavy discounts, return policy, Amazon cart all of which makes it a big hit! Talking of services, Amazon offers “Amazon Fresh “, “Amazon Web Services”, “ Amazon Drive”, “Amazon Prime” to name just a few of them. In this writeup, we will be talking in detail about one of the Amazon product i.e Amazon Cloud camera, the indoor security camera. The surveillance camera system was unveiled in October 2017 and works well in coordination with another of Amazon product i.e Alexa In case of additional support to the user, the company provides the facility of Amazon Cloud cam support number. Users can reach out to the number displayed on the company’s official website and get their queries resolved.

Let us get more educated about this security camera and steps for amazon cloud cam login by talking of its specifications, the user-friendly features involving some technical know-how.

Amazon Cloud Cam : Lets Learn About Some Specifications

Some-General-Product-Specifiactions A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

Some General Product Specifiactions

  • Witness the activities captured in the camera of 1080p full HD. Watch, share or download the security camera video clips of the last 24 hours.
  • Get instant notification in case of any motion noticed by the camera.
  • A user can also watch the motion clips on Cloud camera mobile app.
  • Get a clear night vision and you get the facility to turn on / off the night vision LEDs in the Clod camera app.
  • The benefit of the two way audio, making the camera more user-friendly.
  • A user gets a 30 days free trial of Cloud cam plans at amazon cloud cam login page that includes smart persona and audio detection, zones and up to 30 days of video history.
  • It works quite well in coordination with Alexa, as mentioned in the earlier part of the writeup.
  • Get the benefit of intelligent notifications as the person detection and specific sound detection as that of the breaking of glass or crying of a baby etc.

Amazon Cloud Cam Technical Specifications:

Amazon-Cloud-Cam-Technical-Specifications A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

After a list of some general specification, note down some significant technical specifications of the product as well.

  • The Amazon cloud camera provides one RGB LED for camera status and eight IR LEDs for the night vision.
  • The camera provides a 1080P HD resolution.
  • The camera provides the frame rate of 30 frames per second.
  • Amazon Cloud camera exhibits “Ambient” light sensor.
  • The audio frequency of the camera is 5mm *11mm*3.5mm speaker and one omnidirectional microphone.
  • The camera has one micro USB port for power.
  • In order to put the Amazon Cloud camera to use, the user needs to properly set up the camera through the wifi.
  • To do the same, register to the Amazon Cloud Cam app and thereafter view the camera’s live stream, talk or listen through the camera’s mic and speakers and perform many more beneficial functions.

Setup Amazon Cloud Cam & Enjoy its Benefits

Setup-Amazon-Cloud-Cam-Enjoy-its-Benefi A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

In the aforementioned section, we have jotted down a systematic way in two easy steps for Amazon cloud cam setup. Read on!

  • Download the Amazon Cloud camera app: As the very first step in the setup process, download the Amazon Cloud cam app from the devices’ app store. This app is available on mobile phones and tablets with iOs 9.3 or later, Android Lollipop 5.0 or later and Fire OS 5.0 or later versions.
  • Connect the Amazon Camera to the Wireless Network:  Connect the power adapter to the Amazon cloud camera and into a power outlet. Thereafter LED light will start blinking blue. Once the light blinks in between blue and green your camera comes in the setup mode.Follow the instructions in the cam to connect the camera to the wireless network.

Please make note: For the security reasons, the setup time mode of the camera will be timed out after 20 minutes. REenter the setup mode either by inserting the paper clip into the small pinhole reset on the back of the device and press once or unplug your camera and plug it back in.

After setup Amazon Cloud camera, the next step that a user looks forward to is the way to access the video footage taken by the security camera. We have devoted a small section to the ways to easily access the Amazon Cloud camera videos and photos for the security purpose.

Ways to Access Amazon Cloud Camera’s Taken Videos or Pictures.

Ways-to-Access-Amazon-Cloud-Camera’s-Taken-Videos-or-Pictures A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

A user can easily access the camera’s stored clips via the Amazon Cloud cam login using mobile app for iOs and Android and also through Amazon drive in a web browser. Through Amazon Drive, stored clips can be easily downloaded to the computer to save it beyond the limits of the subscription plans. Another way to access the camera is through Alexa enabled devices, for instance, the Alexa enabled fire TVs,4th generation and later fire tablets, echo show, and echo spot.


Now coming to the section that would help our readers already using the Amazon Cloud camera. This section has been prepared to answer the most common issues faced by the users while operating the camera. Read the section carefully, it might solve your issue as well!

Troubleshooting Issues While Operating Amazon Cloud Camera.

Read the list of most common errors while using Amazon Cloud camera and the easy ways to troubleshoot the same.

Amazon Cloud Cam: Unable to Find Wi-Fi

Amazon-Cloud-Cam-Unable-to-Find-Wi-Fi​ A Complete User Manual Guide For Amazon Cloud Camera

This has to be the first amongst the most common errors while operating the camera. Read on for the solution to the same.

  • First and foremost make sure that your network is a 2.4GHZ network as Amazon Cloud doesn’t function on 5GHZ networks.
  • As a second step, bring your camera closer to the router and perform the scanning once again.
  • Now check whether your modem and router are functioning properly.
  • As the last step, reboot your router and after few minutes rescan for the available networks. You might then find your network in the list.
  • Go to amazon cloud cam login and put down your login credentials.

If you are still unable to connect the camera to the wireless network, read the next troubleshooting step.

Unable to connect to wifi network ?The solution mentioned here may help you!:

  • Properly check for your wifi password. If the router is provided by ISP, check the password printed on the label or contact the person who initially set up your network for the password.
  • Bring your camera and the router closer to each other.
  • Reboot the router. Delete the already saved password and re-enter the password.
  • In case you use mesh network or wifi range extender, temporarily disable it while you connect the Amazon Cloud cam to the wireless network.

Amazon Cloud Camera Mobile App Not Responding:

If your Amazon Cloud camera is not working ,follow the aforementioned steps carefully.

  • Stop the Amazon Cloud camera app from your mobile applications and reopen it. You can also turn off your mobile device and back on.
  • From the settings of your phone, clear the Amazon Cloud cam app data.
  • Sign out the app and sign back in.
  • As the last step, uninstall the app and reinstall it back from the app store.

Amazon Cloud Cam Notifications Issue

Are’nt receiving notifications from the amazon cloud cam app. Read the easy troubleshooting guide below!:

  • Before starting with the troubleshooting process, make sure your Amazon camera is turned on.
  • Open Amazon Cloud Cam Login Page and login first.
  • Now open the Amazon Cloud cam app, thereafter select the “Settings” icon and then select “Notifications”.Make sure you set the frequency to “Every time an event occurs”.and move it in front of your Amazon camera. If you receive any new reset the frequency if required.
  • In case you have blocked notifications on your mobile specifically for Amazon Cloud cam app , enable it following the instructions on your mobile documentation.
  • Sign out and sign back into your Amazon Cloud cam app.
  • As a last step de-register and register back into your Amazon Cloud cam app. Try to trigger a new notification by bringing the device in front of the camera.

Hope the detailed guide on the Amazon Cloud camera, the surveillance system will help our readers to get a fair idea about the product before buying one. An informed customer makes a wise decision. For more information on the product contact the Amazon Cloud cam support number given on their official website.

Stay updated on the page for more such tech related write-ups.

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