A Complete Guide on ADT Pulse Security Camera For Home Surveillance

A Complete Guide on ADT Pulse Security Camera For Home Surveillance

Guide for ADT Pulse Security Camera For Home Surveillance

With the advancing technology, electronic media has taken many steps forward. Cameras that were a simple standalone camera capturing a limited area in front of them have now developed manifolds. This technology that remained unchanged for many years is now changing at a rapid speed. The home security cameras have reportedly been selling in billions every year. This article has been planned to talk about one most selling home security camera, ADT Pulse camera. Let us first start with the basic introduction of the camera and its specific features of use to the customers.

ADT Pulse camera has been in the market for 140 years maintaining its name in the market among its customers. The company has been keeping up with the latest innovations in the technology and it proudly regarded as the best home and business security system.ADT Pulse offers you features like wireless connectivity, motion detection, live streaming, local storage, remote access, and ADT Pulse app integration. There are a various number of functions performed by this camera that lets you manage, monitor and easily modify your home from any remote place.ADT Pulse system displays video monitoring, control temperature and lights, receive alert and custom notifications, lock and unlock doors Through the ADT wifi enabled pulse system the user is able to enjoy the multiple benefits of this camera both at in the residential property and business.

General Specifications of ADT Pulse Security Camera

Every model of ADT Pulse camera has slightly distinctive features than the other. However, some features that remain present in almost all the models of this company. Read the general specification of the ADT Pulse camera below:

  • Enables a constant track of the happenings!:You can keep a track of the happenings in your house from a remote location.
  • A quick intimation:You will be able to quickly receive a text or an email once the camera notices any motion.
  • Standalone system:-A standalone system with an inbuilt CPU and video encoder.
  • Automatic day/night switching:It has the automatic day/night switching feature which makes it record the happenings of the night itself without you needing to change its settings.
  • Infra red LED leading to a superior quality capture:It has an inbuilt flash which makes it record pictures or a video well even in a hazy environment, like in situations as rains or a storm.
  • Built in heater:Built in heater lets the camera operate well even in extremely cold conditions. The heater automatically gets turned on once the temperature falls below six degrees Celsius.
  • PIS support:The Passive Infrared sensor support (PIS) makes use of the infrared light to sense motion and captures the movement in either a picture or a video.
  • Waterproof: ADT Pulse cameras are waterproof which increases its use all the more.

After the learning about the features of ADT Pulse camera, it is relevant and would be an interest to you to know the working of this camera. Read the section below for the same.

Features of the ADT Pulse Security Cameras

  • For the wireless day/night camera function, the user needs to use ADT camera for wireless network system to work. No other market bought camera other than ADT would be compatible with the system.
  • The outdoor cameras are able to capture images in low or unfavorable lighting, whereas the indoor ADT bookshelf cameras are unable to perform the same.
  • The camera is easily held in place by a wall mount and comes with wifi protected access.
  • The ADT Pulse cameras are unable to capture audio, unlike the videos it takes.
  • User is able to view the captured video in H.264.MPEG 4 or MJPEG formats.
  • ADT Pulse also offers the drone video camera enabling the user 360 degrees of viewing access with a crisp clear output using 720 p HD quality video.

How to Install & Setup ADT Pulse Security Camera

This section of the writeup has been devoted to aiding our readers with the installation of ADT Pulse camera to the ADT Pulse security camera system. If you have been looking for the solution to the “How to setup ADT Pulse Security Camera” , read the section below and you can always contact the ADT Pulse camera customer service number displayed on their website.

If you have ADT Pulse Security Cameras with video trackback system follow the below steps to add the camera to the ADT Pulse system and If you don’t have ADT Pulse with video abilities, upgrade your system and thereafter follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, log in to your ADT Pulse web portal.
  2. From the screen, click on “System” option and thereafter click “Manage devices”.
  3. Click on “Cameras”.If you don’t receive this option, call ADT customer helpline for the same.
  4. Now properly attach the bracket and antenna to the camera and thereafter plug the camera into the power and the port of the device on the back of the iHub. Patiently wait for both the green lights to turn on, and once they do move on to the next step.
  5. Now out of the options on the screen, select the camera you want to enroll. Once selected it will find the camera and add it to the ADT Pulse system. This process might take up to 5 minutes. Once the camera is added, unplug the camera and plug it to the place from where you want it to operate from.

Please note: If you experience any issues in adding your ADT Pulse camera to the system, check whether the Y plug in the back is properly connected or as an additional troubleshooting step you can try flipping it around the other way which might work for you!

A detailed technical writeup is incomplete without talking about the drawbacks of the discussed technology. In this section, we have prepared a list of few hurdles such as the situation when the ADT Pulse camera is unable to connect to the router and many other issues that a user generally faces while operating the ADT Pulse camera and the easy troubleshooting ways to deal with the same.

ADT Pulse Security camera Troubleshooting Guide

Issues faced while operating the ADT Pulse camera and the ways to troubleshoot the same. When it comes to the security of our home or working place, we make sure to choose the best and the most reliable brand of a security camera. ADT Plus is one such reliable option, but it too is prone to certain technical issues. However, the good news is that those issues can be easily rectified. Read the section below to know more & Read Our blog on same category but for different brand “NEST” Nest Security Camera Setup!


  • Wireless security camera goes offline: Sometimes the user comes across the issue of wireless ADT Pulse camera going offline. The situation where the ADT Pulse camera not connecting to the router. There are two possibilities for the same. Power lost is the first possibility and failing of wifi signal is the second possibility. To troubleshoot this issue read the below steps.

a. Firstly, check if the LED lights of the camera are on. Thereafter check if the camera is properly plugged in.

b.Now power cycles your ADT gateway and security camera by unplugging your camera and gateway for a few minutes. There after plug sst plug in your gateway which might take good five minutes to reconnect and then plug in your camera.


Please note : After performing the above steps if your camera still fails to be detected, ensure that your camera is not in wifi dead zone. Try and bring the camera closer to the gateway and perform the power cycle yet again. This might succeed to solve your problem.


  • Status unavailable” message pesters you? Read this section: If you receive the “Status unavailable” message, this may be probably due to the fault with the video gateway. Due to this error, the devices are unable to communicate with each other. To troubleshoot the same error, follow the below steps.


  1. Make sure your internet is working well and is able to navigate through the websites. In case you are browsing the internet through a mobile device, make sure it is well connected to the wifi network.
  2. Also, check whether your gateway is receiving power. The power cord should be properly connected to the back of the gateway and plugged into an outlet. Make sure that the LEDs are well lit on the front panel to confirm that the outlet is receiving power.
  3. Check for the ethernet cable, make sure it is properly connected to the “Broadband port” and on the available port on the internet router. Ensure that the ethernet LEDs are on.
  4. In case you have anther available cable, plug that in to verify the cable is not damaged. Check both power line devices if you have power line adaptor installed. Make sure the cable is properly plugged in an outlet and not into power strips, extension cords, surge protectors or GFI outlets. Once the LED lights are lit power cycle the devices.


  • Ways to fix the security picture problems: A bad quality picture or video captured by a security camera leads to much confusion and chaos. There are various reasons leading to camera image problems such as camera lens being dirty, The extension cable runs being too long, Varifocal zoom of the camera cannot automatically focus, the resolution quality of camera being of low quality. Other reasons include an unstable or weak wifi connection and a low image resolution monitor. In the subsection below we have prepared ways to troubleshoot the image issue. Read on! 
  1. Clean the security IP camera lens with a soft clean cloth if the lens is dirty or dusty.
  2. Make sure that the camera is in the proper range of the router and not too far from it.
  3. Avoid pointing the camera directly at a source of light as sun or spotlight.
  4. In case of the horizontal and vertical lines on the camera screen, check for the power supply of the wired and wireless camera and ensure its proper functioning.
  5. Restarting the security camera in case of disrupted image quality may prove to be an effective troubleshooting way in most of the cases.
  6. Get your security camera updated to the latest firmware.
  7. For any further image related issue, the solution to which isn’t provided in this guide, a customer is best advised to contact the ADT Pulse camera customer service number.

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Hope the detailed guide on the ADT Pulse camera will help our readers to get a fair idea about the product before buying one. An informed customer makes a wise decision. For more information on the product contact the ADT Pulse camera customer service number given on their official website or Get in touch with Usatechblog technical agents.Stay updated on the page for more such tech related writeups.

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